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    Vinexpo Japan to be staged in 2016 after successful maiden run

    Relaxnews by 08/12/2014  


    France's Vinexpo, which holds wine exhibitions around the world, said a maiden event in Japan would be staged again in 2016 to cater to a burgeoning market.


    Vinexpo Nippon, held on November 1 and 2 in Tokyo, drew 3,200 Japanese experts. More than 500 wines and spirits were showcased, many for the first time in Japan.


    It attracted exhibitors from 15 countries. Eighty-five percent of the professionals who attended were Japanese and the others came from countries ranging from Taiwan, China, India and Singapore.


    Although a tiny version of the Vinexpo held in the French city of Bordeaux and the Vinexpo Asia-Pacific which alternates between Hong Kong and Bordeaux, the Japanese fair has tremendous potential, the organisers say.


    Japan is the European Union's sixth biggest trading partner for wine, according to the EU.


    The wine boom in Japan occurred in the late 1990s, spurred partly by the popularisation of the drink in the media, especially by celebrity sommeliers.


    Sales of Rhone valley wines have grown by 40 percent on the Japanese market in three years, according to Vinexpo, making Japan the second largest export destination in Asia for Rhone wines.


    "By launching this new edition, we want to reinforce the image of Vinexpo internationally," said Vinexpo chief executive Guillaume Deglise, adding that the Japanese version of the wine show would cater to a "unique market."


    "Japan is one of Asia's more stable markets and operators are optimistic about its potential," he said.


    The dates for Vinexpo Nippon 2016 will be released in the coming months.


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