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    'Weirdest nights of my life'

    www.theaustralian.com.au by NICK RYAN06/11/2017  

    Selling wine to China is worth $2 million a day, but as these Aussies learned, striking a business deal there is on a whole other level.

    Downtown Shanghai and the pleasure palaces of the Bund waterfront. Picture: iStock

    The Chinese perception of Australia as clean and green is an asset the wise have used to their advantage. Cant says he finally worked out that “most Chinese loved to hear stories of wide open spaces, clean air, blue waters, amazing food and of course great red wine. I would tell audiences that I grew up in an isolated place [Dunedoo in central-west NSW] that was pristine, beautiful and grew great produce. I had a connection to a piece of land that was special. The Chinese I met understood this passion and connection to land and produce. China is a country but more so lots of provinces with their own unique landscape and cuisine. They could see parallels. They could connect.?/p>

    Millions of Chinese feel a connection to South Australia as a wine region. But Thompson also sees great potential for wines from elsewhere in Australia in the rapidly developing sommelier culture in Tier One cities, where a love for wine is deepening among the increasingly educated and worldly middle class. With a portfolio of high-end, small-production labels such as Bindi, Oakridge and Murdoch Hill, Thompson has worked hard to grow the knowledge base of his customers, and it’s paying dividends.

    “Only a few years ago, if I asked a customer whether they’d like to see a Victorian pinot I’d have to explain both the variety and region,?he says. “Now I’ll not only be asked if by Victorian I mean Yarra, Mornington or Macedon, but which specific vineyard I’m referring to. Chinese sommeliers can nerd out on detail with the best of them.?/p>

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